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Our History



Greetings, my name is SaVanna Wanzer. As a native Washington transgender community activist, most of my life has been spent working towards better human rights, behavioral health, employment, housing, HIV prevention, as well as improved access to health care, including hormone replacement therapy for my transgender and gender diverse family. Let me share a little bit of our story.


Early in the 2000’s as I continued to experience trans brilliance, creativity and activism, I began to develop the idea of a space set aside for trans and gender diverse persons to encourage each other while exchanging resources and ideas. So, in 2007, Trans Pride was founded. This event was attended initially by a few hundred but has now grown to several thousand that identify all across the gender continuum. Finally, a space existed in D.C. to come receive information about resources, establish relationships and renew one’s spirit around others that share their experience.


In the midst of all of the successes and accomplishments that resulted from Trans Pride, a new call began to sound. Deeper, more ground-breaking events and more boundary pushing conversations were needed for the community. So, with a new vision revealing itself to me in 2014, in 2018, May Is? “All About Trans” celebrated its inaugural year. This vision was greater and it was clear a greater team would be needed. As a result, community members were brought together who not only understood the vision but also reflected the many faces of a multi-community collaboration. We The People, would become that collaborative team to bring the necessary leadership to serve the diverse needs of the community.


We have had some of the most informative, creative, entertaining and inspirational events during 2018 and 2019. For example, to kick off the month celebration “living, loving and being trans” we held our 1st annual DMV Transgender Summit. This powerful event set the standard of excellence for the month. We followed up with:

  • An Awards Dinner

  • Conversations discussing concerns raised by our youth, HIV and PrEP

  • Bridging the Gap- with Cisgender Gay Men and the Transgender Community

  • 2nd Trans Town Hall & our 1st Youth Town Hall in collaboration with Black Pride


We definitely believe both of these latest events will become staples.


We didn’t stop there! In celebration of our roots, we held our:

  • 5th annual community mixer with our mother organization, Capital Trans Pride

  • 3rd annual Transgender Worship Engaged, Empowered, Together (TWEET) service where we celebrated the spiritual side of being trans

  • An all Trans, NGC and NB Art Show and Open-Mic Night that showcased the amazing gifts and talents from the community

  • A trans/gender diverse focused movie screening


Now, as we look to our future, we are working to be as inclusive and reflective of all of our community as possible. 2020 will introduce:

  • Latin-o/a/x Institute

  • Indigenous (Native American & 2 spirit) event that will capture the beauty of native American poetry, customs and music

  • Youth gatherings filled with fun and excitement

  • Research program focusing on transgender, Gender Non-Conforming and Non Binary persons


Highlights for the month include honoring our committee members at the John Wilson Building and 1st ever history making Transgender Community Mixer at The National Museum of African History and Culture. Through the dedication of all of our resources, we are committed to see the first transgender mural in the Nation’s Capital be created. Our dream is history making! Our vision is life changing! Our goals are obtainable with your help and support!


Thank you, in advance, for your continued partnership with our community.


May Is? “All About Trans” Stands Proudly #Unstoppable

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